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Modding your game

To get started with modding, you will first need to install our ModLoader. The ModLoader is a program that allows you to load 'mods', small programs that add new items, blocks or useful tools, into the game. You can find mods in our mods directory.

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Popular mods

banner image for the MoreCarryWeight mod
MoreCarryWeight by TeKGameR950

Allows you to define a custom carry weight for your inventory/backpack.

banner image for the UnrestrictedBuilding mod
UnrestrictedBuilding by TeKGameR950

Allows you to place structures anywhere and remove the building height limit.

banner image for the PlayerCompass mod
PlayerCompass by TeKGameR950

Adds a compass at the top of your screen to locate your friends more easily

Most liked mods

banner image for the NoItemDurability mod
NoItemDurability by TeKGameR950

Remove the durability and spoil feature of the game.

banner image for the PeacefulEnemies mod
PeacefulEnemies by jannik

Removes the ability of an enemy to attack you.

banner image for the NotepadUnlocker mod
NotepadUnlocker by TeKGameR950

A simple mod to unlock everything in the notepad.