Allows you to search the ground anywhere to find mud or small stones.


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Tired of struggling to find mud or stones ? Or just annoyed to not be able to take the mud of the ground that the jungle is full of ?

This mod is for you !


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What does it do ?

GroundSearch adds the command "groundsearch" to search the ground for mud or stones.

You have a 40% chance to find mud or a small stone.

And of course 60% chance of finding nothing. 😈

The best is to bind the command to a key for example to bind it to B open F10 and press "bind b groundsearch".

How to use ?

1 ) Install the mod.

2 ) Load it.

3 ) Bind the command to your desired key. Example "bind b groundsearch".

4 ) Press the key when looking at the ground and hope to find some mud or stones.

Description last changed on 2022-05-04